Below we have compiled a list of FAQs. If you still cannot find an answer to your problem, feel free to email us at

Libber FAQ

Yes. Sometimes Lobbers don’t have time to respond right away, so requesting multiple items from multiple Lobbers will help you find one when you need it. Your credit card will only be charged once a request for a rental has been accepted by the Lobber, so there is no harm in making multiple requests. When you do book an item, please remember to cancel or close your other requests so that you do not get charged and other Lobbers are not left thinking you want to experience their item.
Once again, we recommend that you request multiple items from multiple Lobbers at a time in order to increase the chances of finding one that works.
  1. Try expanding out your search radius and scanning around. Sometimes items can just be on the edge or outside of the map area on your screen.
  2. Try clearing filters. The problem may be that your search is applying old filters that are preventing items from showing up on the map.

If none of this works, feel free to e-mail and let us know where you are looking. We are consistently working on building a network of Lobbers around the world.

You can refine your search to show only those items that are available for delivery. We are working feverishly to allow all items to be delivered.
Typically, no. If you are Libbing the item for an extended period of time, the item is usually listed at a discounted weekly rate.
We highly encourage all of our Lobbers to provide everything needed for the adventure. In some cases, however, the Lobber may not have the correct size for you. In this case, you need to provide your own
Sorry, but renting an item with a same-day return is probably your best option. Locking the item outside overnight with OR without protection is a violation of the LibLob Rental Agreement. Keep in mind, our Rental Agreement states that you are liable for any theft, loss, or damage of the ride that takes place during the rental period.
All rentals are at the Libber's risk and you will be responsible for any theft or damage to the item during that period.

Lobber FAQ

LibLob only gets paid when you do. When you approve a Lib request and the Libber pays for the reservation, we only retain 10% of the reservation price to help cover admin and marketing costs. We pride ourselves in being one of the most cost-effective platforms. Listing your item on LibLob is completely free!
For example, if you charge $30 per day to rent out your paddle board we’ll take $3.00 from the rental. Again, we only make money when you make money.
You can set your item to “In-active” in your item’s setting. Doing this will hide your item from Libbers until you set it back to “active”. Doing this allows you to keep enjoying your item whenever you want! Make sure to set your item to “in-active” if you know you will be unable to respond or Lob your item to Libbers.
Before confirming any reservation, the Libber has to sign our LibLob Rental Agreement. This agreement offers you protection against injury to the Libber or damage to their property. You are never responsible if the Libber gets injured on your item unless the item was not properly maintained and depicted in your profile. Make sure you keep your item maintained and ready to go when you Lob it.
Once again, all damage and personal injury is the responsibility of the Libber during the reservation. For example, if your SUP’s nose gets dinged during the rental, it is the Libber’s responsibility to repair the SUP or pay for a replacement.
If your item is stolen during the rental, file a police report then email as soon as possible. The item will either be replaced or you will be reimbursed. We are committed to keeping you fully protected, comfortable, and happy, and we'll always do our best to help you out in whatever way possible. The LibLob Guarantee is valid only in the United States.
You can set your item to “In-active” in your item’s setting. Doing this will hide your item from Libbers until you set it back to “active”. Doing this allows you to keep enjoying your item whenever you want!
No. Each Item listed must go through our process of approval before it will be listed on our site. If you would like to let Libbers know that your item is adjustable in size, you can say so in the Item’s title or description.
No. The location of your item is independent of your actual location. If you keep your item somewhere other than where you are, you can use that address.
Yes. Lobbers are required to charge at least $20 a day for their item. We don't approve any listings priced under $20 a day.
At this time, no. As we continue to grow and expand, we will allow for this feature. Let us know where you want to Lob your item!
No, you cannot accept cash from Libbers. We require that all payments be made via our secured third-party payment platform, giving us a valid form of user verification. Your item will not be covered under the LibLob Guarantee if the transaction does not happen through our website or mobile app.
We remove items for different reasons. If you have a stock image, your item will be removed. If your item’s rating is too low, your item will be removed. If your item is not an approved item, your item will be removed, and possibly your account will be suspended. We reserve the right to remove any item we deem necessary.
We remove inactive accounts. After three Libber requests have come and gone without a login or response from the Lobber, your account will be removed. This is to help maintain an active platform so everyone can enjoy adventures. Lobbers who don't reply hurt not only us but themselves as well, because it takes away from their listing credibility. We show a “Lobber Rating” to Libbers to show how trustworthy and credible the Lobbers and your items are. The higher your rating, the more likely it is that people will see you are an active Lobber and request your item! We reserve the right to remove any accounts we deem necessary.
No. We don’t allow sales on LibLob.