How It Works

Choosing an Adventure/Lib an Item

  • Sign up: Use your existing Facebook or Google account to sign up for LibLob. This helps confirm your identity and eligibility to become an approved Libber. You may have to upload other credentials for certain adventures.
  • Find your Adventure: Enter the dates and location where you want to have an adventure, and search the possibilities. If you have an idea of what you want to do, simply add the category to refine the search.
  • Lib It: Found your perfect adventure? Select the Lib It button to send the request to the Lobber. The Lobber has twelve hours to accept your request, but this typically happens sooner.
  • Pick up Your Item: After your request has been accepted, messaging between you and the Lobber can occur securely through our platform. Decide on a place to pick up the item. Do a thorough inspection of the item using our in-app check-out forms. Load the item up, and Go Play Live!
  • Return Your Item: At the end of your adventure, decide on a place to meet the Lobber for the return. The Lobber will do a thorough inspection of the item using our in-app check-in forms. Hand the item over and begin planning your next adventure. Don’t forget to rate and review the Lobber.

Share your Passion/Lob an Item

  • List your Item: List your item for free by creating an account, take a high-quality picture of your item, fill in some details, and press “Lob it!” Be sure to keep your item availability up-to-date so there is no confusion on the Libber’s side.
  • Accept or Deny Request: You will get notified when someone has requested to Lib your item. Accept or deny the request as soon as you get it. If denying, explain why so we can better shape our user experience.
  • Lob your item: Using secure messaging through our platform, discuss with the Libber where to meet with your item. The Libber will do a thorough inspection of your item using our check-out form. Once completed, Lob it to the Libber!
  • Rest Easy: While your item is Lobbed, we protect it up to $10,000 in damages with our Lobber Guarantee.*
  • Pick-up your Item: When the Libber’s adventure is over, meet them to pick up your item. Do a thorough inspection of your item using our check-in forms. Prepare your item for its next adventure! Don’t forget to rate and review the Libber.

Delivery of Item

  • Lobbers: Make your item more available by offering to deliver it to the Libber. You will retain the delivery fee set by our delivery fee schedule.**

*Lobber Guarantee is outlined in Feel Secure page.